1. The new building will house 9 departments including: Sheriff’s Office, E911, County Clerk’s Office, Engineering, Planning and Development, PVA, Judge/Executive’s Office, Finance Office, Fiscal Court Room, Solid Waste/Code Enforcement. The County Attorney’s offices will be relocated to the H.B. Fife Courthouse building.

  1. The project is monitored continuously by a Webcam located on the adjacent Hardin County EMS tower. At the end of the project, a time-lapse video will be available, showing the construction from earthmoving to opening day of the building. This will provide an interesting learning tool to be used for many generations to come.  

  1. The lower level of the building has been designed as a FEMA-compliant storm-safe area with reinforced exterior walls and FEMA-compliant storm-resistant doors that can resist debris flying at approximately 200 miles per hour.

  1. There is sufficient capacity in the lower level storm-safe area to protect all building employees and the public building during a storm event.

  1. The lower level portion of the Sheriff’s Office is designed with bullet resistant walls and windows to protect officers on duty.

  1. The new Sheriff’s office design meets the National Chiefs of Police Certification requirements and the CALEA Certification requirements.  Due to the design of the H.B. Fife Courthouse, the current Sheriff’s office could not meet these important safety requirements.  

  1. The new Sheriff’s office design provides Kentucky Revised Statute-required space for evidence storage.  The current Sheriff’s office did not provide adequate evidence storage space.

  1. Both the Law Enforcement division of the Sheriff’s Office and E911 are located within the protected area of the lower level. This protection has been extended to the floor over their heads by a 7 ¼” thick doubly reinforced concrete slab to protect them in the event of falling debris.

  1. The entire building is designed to withstand winds in excess of 90 miles per hour.

  1. The building has been designed to resist earthquake loadings as required by the 2007 Kentucky Building Code. The load criteria used is based on historical data from past earthquakes. The fault most likely to affect our area is the New Madrid Fault along the Missouri-Kentucky boundary.

  1. The new building has vital dry fire suppression systems to protect historic paper records. The existing building has wet sprinklers which would destroy historic documents in the event of a fire. The Hardin County Clerk’s Office maintains historic documents dating back to 1739.

  1. The building has a 1000sf meeting room that can be used by the community for various events. This room can also be divided into two 500sf rooms using the moveable partition.

  1. The new building has dry fire suppression systems for historic paper records. The existing building has wet sprinklers which could destroy historic documents in the event of a fire. The County Clerk’s Office has documents stored dating back to 1739.

  1. The lower level of the building contains a conditioned, glass storefront, public walkway area with large brick walls that can be used for displaying art work from local schools and available space for other public events.

  1. The building contains a small “Wellness Center” with space for exercise equipment with both a Men’s and a Women’s restroom and dressing area with a shower. This facility will be accessible to all Hardin County employees to encourage wellness and reduced sick time through exercise.

  1. The exterior walls of the building are made of 8” metal studs filled solid with ESP foam insulation.

  1. The exterior walls of the building are also being manufactured off-site and will be erected in large sections, allowing the building to be enclosed and weather-proofed more efficiently than conventional “stick-framed” construction.

  1. The building is energy-efficient with heavily insulated walls and roof system and incorporates LED lighting in a majority of the building. The HVAC system is highly efficient.

  1. The building is designed to permit a Geothermal field to be connected to the installed equipment at any time in the future should it become cost-effective to do so.

  1. The attic located within the “Hat” of the building contains a concrete floor and sprinklers which allow it to be used for light storage. The attic also includes 4,900 square feet of space that could be converted to office space at some point in the future.  

  1. The Superstructure of the building will be constructed of structural steel which is more economical that masonry or concrete for a building of this size. The structure is an all- bolted design which will allow for rapid erection of the building.

  1. The foundation system is constructed of large, drilled concrete caissons (24”, 36” and 42” in diameter) that are drilled into the underlying bedrock a minimum of 2 feet.